Workforce development needs and services

The field of workforce development is spoilt by the proliferation of simplistic templates and ready-made solutions.

Workforce development planning, encompassing both workforce planning, involves much more than planning and managing the individual worker’s lifecycle of attract-recruit-retain-upskill-transition: it a rich, complex field that deserves careful unpacking and thorough, analytical approaches.


We are specialists in aspects of workforce development and workforce development planning that require research and evidence, including:

  • analysing factors that impact on workforce development planning, including the organisation’s current challenges and potential strategies
  • measuring existing staff capabilities and aspirations
  • improving staff capabilities in order to improve the impact of services deliverd by the organisation
  • developing models for innovation with and for the organisation, that can stimulate workforce development.

Our applied research and advice based on experience enables client organisations to make sound decisions about workforce development that will affect long-term achievements and success.

Client needs met

We assist in the meeting of the following client needs:

  • How to measure the capabilities, learning preferences, motivations and aspirations of the existing workforce.
  • How to measure the impact on clients of the current workforce and the services delivered by that workforce.
  • How to retain, develop and extend the existing workforce, particularly through capability analysis and development.
  • How to improve professional practice and develop leadership and management capabilities.
  • How to enhance organisational learning.

Services provided

Our services include:

Our recent research on workforce development

  • Research to identify a model for innovation for TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute 2012
  • Research on five national examples of good practice of TAFE Institutes working with industry 2012
  • Research for project on a sustainable model of innovation, West Coast Institute of Training 2011-2012
  • Research for project on ‘Employers Toolbox for Workforce Planning and Development’, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) 2011-2012
  • Research for project “From an apprenticeship to a career: workforce development strategies” for the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), launched by Minister Evans, Canberra, 3 Nov 2011
  • Research for project “Creating and Adding Value“: ten case studies for the Deputy Director General NSW TAFE, on TAFE NSW personnel demonstrating best practice in adding value for clients 2011
  • Research for “Intensifying Customer Responsiveness”, an evaluation for the Deputy Director General NSW TAFE of NSW TAFE’s achievements in improving customer responsiveness, 2011
  • Research for “It’s not about age“: final report of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) Project: Pathways for engagement in employing mature age people and existing workers as apprentices – an employer perspective.
  • Research for “The Benefits of Accurately Measuring Non-completions“, a report for Service Skills Australia 2011
  • Research for “Improving workforce capabilities“: a set of ten case studies on how South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE builds clients’ workforces 2011
  • Research for project on how to reinvent the organisation through innovation 2009
  • Research for project on how to understand which strategies lead to which impacts on client 2009
  • Research for project on how to identify the professional development needs of assessors nationally 2009
  • Research for project on how to attract and retain previously disengaged apprentices 2009
  • Research for project on identifying the features of the advanced VET practitioner 2009
  • Research for project on how to identify the skills required for innovation in three industries in NSW 2009
  • Research for project on how to attract and retain, systematically.

National and international experience

We are leaders in the field of workforce development in Australia, evidenced by achievements such as:

  • prolific author of research reports on workforce development issues such as enhancing leadership and managemment, improving professional practice, developing workforce capablity and improving organisational learning
  • lead author of four major research reports on employers’ best practice in managing apprentices and lead developer of workforce development tools for the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), 2008-2012
  • methodololgy adviser to national staff development program Reframing the Future, 2000-2008
  • evaluator of numerous national, state and organisational workforce development programs.

Our Australian leadership is informed by our commissioned research overseas, for instance

  • our research on the developmental needs of Scottish Further Education leaders, undertaken for the Scottish Further Education Union
  • our research for the BBC in London, on the development of apprentices
  • our advice for the Learning Skills Improvement Service in the UK on a leadership and management development tool
  • our research on leadership in further education in the UK, for the L H Martin Institute for Leadership and Management in Higher Education.