Profile and services


JMA’s mission is to help clients continuously improve the impact of their services.

Core services

JMA is a strategic planner, analyst and change management consultant in the areas of education, health and public service.

  • Linkages between the industries of education, health and public service include:the need for innovation and continuous improvement in these industries
  • the need for managing the human dimension of change
  • the need for dynamic strategic planning
  • the need to evaluate, modify and enhance service provision.

The following core services are provided:

  • evaluation
  • research
  • strategic planning and management
  • user needs analyses and business plans
  • development of innovation models
  • feasibility studies
  • market analyses and marketing plans
  • measurement and development of staff capabilities
  • implementation strategies and project plans
  • project management
  • change management strategies
  • professional writing, from articles to case studies and reports.

Special competencies and capabilities

In our work we have demonstrated specific capabilities and competencies, including our:

  • ability to understand the needs of a variety of clients from the education, health and government sectors
  • experience in business and strategic planning across multiple contexts and organisations
  • conceptual framework for understanding the cycle of adoption of new technologies and new professional practices
  • understanding of the levels of usage of new technology, and the need to assist personnel to not plateau at the entry level
  • understanding of corporate change and alternative ways to manage it
  • understanding of the stages and nature of project management of new technologies
  • an understanding of different learning styles and appropriate methodologies, in relation to using new technologies and techniques
  • experience as educators and trainers, including knowledge based learning and competency based training
  • understanding of the psychological aspects of the human-technology interface
  • ability to produce high quality written reports, under pressure and on time.

Reasons for uniqueness

JMA is able to offer a unique blend of services because we are able to relate to and work with personnel at different levels of an organisation:

  • the philosophic and conceptual level
  • the management and supervisory level
  • the practitioner operational level.

Hence, we are able to consult

  • with Chief Executive Officers, on the conceptual level on issues such as matching corporate aims with new work practices
  • with managers, on issues such as user acceptance and implementation planning
  • with general staff, on supervising and using new practices.

JMA is flexible and can communicate effectively with:

  • service providers
  • regulators, policy makers, bureaucrats
  • users/end users, clients, customers
  • product developers, equipment suppliers.

Source of uniqueness

This unique blend of services springs particularly from Dr John Mitchell’s:

  • combined studies in business and education: Doctorate in Education program (1997-2004), M.Ed.Admin program (1986-1990), MBA study program (1997-2000), following BA (Hons), Dip Ed (1970-74)
  • experience as a writer for many audiences and contexts, including for the Commonwealth Government, 14 universities, TAFEs, school systems, hospitals and a variety of corporate audiences
  • experience with the media and in marketing educational and community services
  • proven ability to provide a bridge between producers and users
  • experience as a statewide manager for a State educational system
  • experience as a leading consultant in numerous national projects.