Brief Market Analysis

JMA provides services for three inter-related industries:

  • e-education
  • e-health
  • e-government.

The linking feature of these industries is the use of communications and information technologies, for competitive advantage, productivity, community and educational purposes.

Services Focus

JMA’s business is positioned as a provider of services in industries where most other businesses are focused on equipment supply, installation and maintenance.

Experience with other new technologies, for example computers, suggests that there are more long term opportunities in the services and value-added side than in the sale of equipment. With regard to e-government, e-education and e-health, JMA is a first and leading service provider in Australia and has and will continue to lead Australia in this regard.

Industry Characteristics and Influences

JMA believes the following trends will affect industry now and in the near future:

  • information will become the major primary resource material in economic production
  • there will be an imperative to increase the productivity of service work by the action of information on information to create knowledge services and products that increase the productivity of knowledge and service workers
  • information technologies create a new technological infrastructure for leveraging productivity
  • competitive advantage in this new environment will come from moving from data and information (raw materials) to knowledge (first layer of value adding) to insight/foresight (next layer) to wisdom.
  • insight, foresight and knowledge depend critically on systems thinking- the ability to understand the interconnectedness of different knowledges that are combined to create value: economic, social, and cultural.

Hence, JMA is appropriately positioned as:

  • a business strategist
  • a knowledge worker, adding value to existing information
  • a company known for its independence, high standard of work and its conceptual insights.