E-education publications

JMA’s expertise and knowledge in e-learning and e-education is demonstrated by its reports funded by the Commonwealth:

Other JMA reports on e-learning for specific clients and not available publicly include:

  • Mitchell, J.G. (Nov 2001), Scenarios for Pricing of Commercial Online Courses for TAFE Plus, NSW TAFE Business Services Directorate
  • Mitchell, J.G. (Oct 2001), Marketing planning information for TAFE SA on global IT/Multimedia/e-commerce education and training, TAFE Business Services SA
  • Mitchell, J.G. (Oct 2001), E-business through Partnerships, An E-business Environmental Scan, for Douglas Mawson Institute of TAFE, South Australia
  • Mitchell, J.G. (Feb 2000), Videoconferencing Planning Study, Securities Institute of Australia