Industry analysis

Industry analysis is critical in innovative fields if policy makers, investors, leaders and other decision makers are to move forward with confidence.

Industry analysis involves the study of factors such as markets, technologies, stakeholders, barriers, drivers, costs and benefits and their impact on industry development. This analysis enables us to identify opportunities for industry growth. On the basis of our findings, organisations can better identify where they can position themselves in the market.

We have provided some ground-breaking industry analyses for the Commonwealth Government:

For State Governments, our projects include:

  • For the SA Government, 2010, A report on the capabilities of South Australian vocational education and training (VET) practitioners
  • For the NSW Dept of Education and Training, in 2009 we undertook research into the benefits of the new school leaving age.
  • For the NSW Department of Education and Training, from Feb-July 2009 JMA led a consortium that undertook a study of training models for innovation in the following three industries in NSW: logistics, financial services and creative industries.
  • For the WA Government, 2007, a report “Overcoming I’m too busy”: an audit of small business training in WA.

For national industry skills councils, our projects include:

For the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our research includes:

  • Research for the 2010 National Skills Survey published by ACCI in February 2011.

For corporations our research includes numerous analyses of the education industry.

These analyses have focused particularly on the e-learning industry. For example:

  • A report for an Irish company, and an international leader in communications technology, on e-learning in Australia.
  • A report for Telecom Australia (now Telstra) on the potential use of videoconferencing in Asia.
  • a report for a leading videoconferencing company on the uses of videoconferencing in schools.

We also conduct our own independent research, including this analysis of the VET sector 2011-2012: