Business Analysis

Through business analysis we study individual organisations or business units in depth, reviewing factors such as services and products provided, management styles, sustainable competitive advantages, marketing strategies and commercial viability.

Through our research we are able to formulate a set of findings on the future potential of an organisation and to make recommendations accordingly.

After presenting the findings we then support the organisation to work through a development process.

We work in a systematic, thorough manner, using a range of analytical models, all the time ensuring both sensitivity and confidentiality.


Examples of our work in business analysis include separate projects for the NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training (BVET) in NSW:

  • An analysis of the sustainability of the Gwydir Learning Region, 2006; followed by the development of a marketing plan
  • An analysis of the feasibility of more collaboration between TAFE and adult and community education (ACE) in the Western Region of NSW, 2007
  • An analysis of the concept of a learning community for the town of Wellington NSW, 2008.

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