Case study of building a model for organisational innovation: Challenger Institute of Technology

We worked with Challenger Institute of Technology (previously Challenger TAFE from 2006-2007 to develop a model for innovation that focused on innovation in service delivery.

We we asked to return a few years later to capture the unique ways in which Challenger’s strategies provide clients with positive impacts.

1. Initial model, focused on innovation in service delivery: The Four Paradigm Model

In 2006-2007 Challenger TAFE engaged Dr John Mitchell from John Mitchell & Associates to work with the Institute to identify a model of organisational innovation and to prepare a case study publication on examples of best practice across Challenger TAFE.

The resultant publication is called Building a new practice: Implementing a four paradigm model of service delivery.

2. Subsequent model, focused on client impact: The Challenger Impact Model

In 2009 Challenger TAFE re-engaged Dr John Mitchell to work with the Institute to develop a new model of organisational innovation, to reflect the journey the Institute had taken since the preparation of the earlier four paradigm model.

John was also asked to prepare a case study publication providing evidence of the new stage of development reached by the Institute. The resultant publication is called The Challenger Impact Model.