Research on innovation

We regularly undertake research on innovation. For instance:

  • In 2012, our report A Model of Sustainable Innovation, West Coast Institute of Training, was released
  • In late 2011, we prepared this publication of eleven examples of innovation in Western College, a regional NSW community college: Inclusion, Inspiration and Innovation.
  • In late 2010, our report Innovative Regional Skilling, TAFE SA Regional, was released
  • From Feb-July 2009 JMA led a consortium that included the internationally renowned Prof Jane Marceau and eminent NSW economist Graham Larcombe that undertook research for the NSW Department of Education and Training on innovation training service models for three industries: logistics, financial services and creative industries. We identified nine sub-sectors and activities that are driving change in these three industries. The sectors then were explored in terms of the skills required for innovation and alternative training service models that might help build those skills.
  • The report, Emerging Futures: Innovation in Teaching and Learning in the vocational education and training (VET) sector was based on six months research in the VET sector and demonstrates that pressures for change are flowing with increasing force into teaching and learning practice within VET. As a consequence of this ongoing change, wider, deeper and more frequent innovation is now needed in VET teaching and learning practices.
  • Skilling Regional Australia was based on case study research in community colleges in NSW. The report contains four case studies, one from each of four community colleges in regional NSW. Each case study illustrates a different example of how the colleges are adding value to one or more of the following: the region, by enhancing regional development; the enterprise, by increasing workforce productivity; the community, in building social capital; and the individual learner, in improving human capital. To help monitor and increase the impact of the four members of this alliance, Community Colleges Connect, they devised a model to highlight the different domains in which their colleges make a difference.
  • We researched good practice in TAFE NSW and developed an innovative model for effective partnerships between TAFE NSW and enterprises, set out in the report entitled Improving the Bottom Line.