Building innovation models

Innovation models can drive innovation and change, enhance professional practice, and lift performance and productivity.

Sample models

In collaboration with the relevant organisations, we have facilitated the development of a range of innovation models in organisations, including:

Each of these innovation models had a significant effect on the organisations involved – for instance, the Challenger Four Paradigm Model was hugely influential both within Challenger and across VET nationally – and involved clear objectives, a detailed methodology and deliberate implementation steps.

Facilitation strategies

All of these models were developed using a set of advanced facilitation activities, including:

  • Applied research, communication strategies, staff consultations, staff workshops and client interviews to inform the emerging model
  • One or more publications demonstrating the model in action
  • Various events to promote and celebrate the model.

Sample projects

We are regularly engaged to assist organisations to drive innovation models within organisations. For example:

  • We assisted Victoria University to implement in three faculties the Diamond Model for Innovation in Teaching and Learning – a model developed collaboratively with the staff of the University from 2007-2008 by Emeritus Professor Don Aitkin and Dr John Mitchell. We also developed a publication called The Diamond Database.
  • We assisted Challenger TAFE in Perth WA to build the Challenger Impact Model, following our preparation of a case study book on the same topic earlier in 2009. The project involved the development and implementation of a range of quantitative and qualitative tools that assist Challenger managers to work with their enteprise clients to identify which Challenger TAFE strategies are having which impacts.
  • We assisted a cluster of community colleges in NSW to develop the model entitled Skilling Regional Australia,
  • In 2012-2013 we are assisting TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute to develop SWSi Innovate – a model of innovation based on the Institute’s approach to innovation