Corporate Profile

Since 1992 JMA has provided quality Consulting and Research Services for service organisations aspiring to be more productive and to have greater impact.

Founded in Adelaide, the business headquarters were moved to Sydney in 1999.

Initially, in the period 1992-1997, the company focused on providing management consulting services in three areas: open learning, videoconferencing and telemedicine.

As new technologies became available and new business processes became possible in the late 1990s, we provided leadership in the emerging fields of e-education and e-health.

From 2000-2005 our research shifted to the connections between e-business, e-learning, knowledge management, innovation and strategy formation.

Since 2005 we have concentrated on education and our focus has moved onto how managers and other professionals are developing a new practice consisting of a hybrid mix of insights and strategies from both education and business. We have also researched entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy-making and advanced practice.

Our continuing goal is to providing consulting services that will enable organisations to become high-performing and staff highly-skilled in the context of global competition.

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