Strategic planning

Strategic planning is a core skill of JMA. Some examples from 2006-2012 of our strategic planning services are:

  • Consultant on strategic planning for the Board of Western College, 2010-2011
  • Consultant on strategic planning workshops for the Executive of TAFE NSW – Illawarra Institute
  • Facilitated strategic scanning workshops on the national VET landscape and trends for the Board of Challenger Institute of Technology
  • Facilitated a workshop for the Inner West Cluster of NSW Community Colleges, on a model for business and strategic planning for all NSW community colleges
  • Facilitated three workshops for TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute, on developing a model and strategies to support its Key Focus Area of “Workforce Capacity and Capability Building”
  • Facilitated the annual strategic planning workshop for TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute, to identify five strategic directions for the next twelve months.
  • Facilitated a workshop for the Central Coast Community College on a strategic vision for the college
  • Facilitated a workshop for the Board of Western College on on the strategic landscape of VET
  • Consultant to the following TAFE Institutes on strategic and change management and innovation: Challenger TAFE WA; West Coast College of TAFE, WA; Swinburne University TAFE Division; RMIT; Box Hill TAFE; Western Sydney TAFE
  • Consultant to the following ACE colleges on strategic and change management: St George and Sutherland Community College; Western College Dubbo.

We regularly assist our clients to move through these core steps:

  • undertake strategic analysis of your current external and internal environments
  • identify strategic directions
  • choose preferred options
  • implement change.

Strategic planning in e-education

As a specialist, we have pioneered strategic planning in relation to e-business and e-learning in education, based on our research for national reports on e-education and online learning. For example, we have:

    • assisted Open Universities Australia to plan for its VET operation
    • analysed a government operation as an e-business
    • provided an e-business strategic plan for a large, metropolitan TAFE Institute
  • provided a report, E-competent Australia, on whether competencies could be identified in e-business to suit the national training system.More of our e-learning publications and projects are available or described here.