E-health profile and services

E-health profile and services


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John Mitchell is the Managing Director of John Mitchell & Associates (JMA), a consultancy company specialising in the areas of e-health, e-education and videoconferencing. Services include feasibility studies, business cases, planning reports, project management, methodology training, market studies, evaluation, research and information services.

Reflecting JMA’s national reputation, a one-page profile of John Mitchell was published in the small business section of The Business Review Weekly, 20 November 1995. Further articles appeared in The Australian on 26 March, 2 April and 30 April 1996, Melbourne Age, 28 April 1998, and The Australian Financial Review, 26 June 1998.

The company’s headquarters are in Sydney, New South Wales.

Clients include health departments and hospitals, State Governments, State TAFE Departments, 15 Australian universities, the Securities Institute of Australia, Telstra, Western Mining Company, F.H.Faulding & Company and other large corporations.

Media Reports

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E-health Achievements

Highlights of JMA’s achievements in e-health include:

  • author of Commonwealth report: “The Telemedicine Industry in Australia: from fragmentation to integration” in 1998;
  • project consultant, South Australian State-wide teleradiology project, 1998-99;
  • author of strategic plan for telemedicine for the Gippsland Health region;
  • project management of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s (TQEH) Renal Dialysis Telemedicine Project, June 1994-98;
  • telehealth consultant for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, 1996-1998;
  • evaluation of the South Australian Telepsychiatry Project;
  • planning study on telemedicine for Fairfield Hospital in Melbourne;
  • feasibility study for telemedicine for Aged Care centres in Warrnambool and Geelong;
  • project management of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s satellite links to the Tanami and Western Deserts of the Northern Territory;
  • author of report “The Clinical Showcase of South Australian Health Information Services’;
  • author of “Accessible Health Services for Women and Children, A business case for a telemedicine facility at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital”;
  • author of business plan for “Partnership in the Showcase” for TQEH and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH);
  • author of “Opportunities in Telehealth and Information Technology” for WCH, TQEH, MFPDC, EDA and DITS;
  • presentation to the LETA Conference in September 1996, “Overview of Telemedicine Projects and Issues in Australia”;
  • written and verbal evidence to the House of Representatives Telemedicine Inquiry.

JMA’s reports “The Challenge to Embed Telepsychiatry”, “Establishing Renal Clinical Telemedicine” and “Best Practice in Telemedicine” have drawn accolades from around the world.

The Commonwealth Report “Health Online” recommended JMA’s evaluation reports be read by every telemedicine project in Australia.

An article co-authored by John Mitchell, Benjamin Mitchell and Dr. Alex Disney, “User Adoption Issues in Renal Telemedicine,” has been published in the international Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare.

A second article by John Mitchell and Dr. Alex Disney appeared in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare in September 1997, entitled “Clinical Applications of Renal Telemedicine.”

From 1995- June 1998, JMA has given presentations to more than 20 national and international telemedicine conferences including one to Singapore and another in New York. In June 1997, John Mitchell presented by videoconferencing from Adelaide to Lisbon, Portugal, to the ITU’s World Symposium on Telemedicine on the topic of “Optimising Benefits by Using Integrated Telemedicine”.

John Mitchell is also the main author of the comprehensive 1994 study of a pioneering telemedicine user, the NT’s Tanami Network, entitled “Flourishing but Fragile” and is co-author of the Tanami’s successful submission to the Commonwealth for expansions funds.

As project managers of the Australian Catholic University’s 8-site videoconferencing network in 1995-96, the following nurse tele-education activities have been conducted:

  • weekend seminars for the Mater Hospital in Newcastle, delivered by videoconferencing from North Sydney;
  • mental health tutorials between Ballarat and Melbourne;
  • links from the maternity section of the St John of God Hospital, Geelong to Ballarat and Melbourne;
  • links from North Sydney to Sweden for planning the delivery of Masters courses;
  • and links from the endoscopy section of St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne hospital to the Ascot Vale campus.

Australasian Activities

JMA works across Australasia. John Mitchell was a keynote speaker at the Asian Pacific Videoconferencing Conference in Singapore in November 1994 and conducted a half day workshop on implementing a videoconferencing system for personnel from Indonesia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

In 1994 John Mitchell & Associates undertook an analysis of Telecom New Zealand’s eleven site videoconferencing network and prepared the report “Videoconferencing as a Business Tool,” resulting in very substantial savings in travel budgets for Telecom New Zealand.

In mid-1995 JMA conducted training by videoconferencing for staff employed by the pharmaceutical company F.H. Faulding in Hong Kong and New Jersey, USA.

In October 1996 John Mitchell conducted the Workshop on Planning, Managing, Evaluating and Marketing Your Telemedicine Network at TeleMed ’96 in Singapore. The Conference features 12 speakers from seven different Asian countries, two speakers from European organisations, 13 presentations from United States telemedicine organisations and just one from Australia. JMA was the sole Australian company invited to present.

In October 1996, John Mitchell addressed the Health IT Conference in Hamilton, New Zealand, on telemedicine implementation issues.

In September 1997, John Mitchell conducted the Workshop on “The Planning and Management Model for Telemedicine” for TeleMed ’97 in Kuala Lumpur

John Mitchell has been invited by the Scientific Committee to present a paper at The Royal Society of Medicine’s sixth annual international conference on telemedicine, TeleMed ’98 November 25-26 in London.. The title of the paper is “The Uneven Diffusion of Telemedicine in Australia”.