Current and recent assignments and projects

Sample projects – January-June 2013

Research, planning and consulting

  • Author of publication, ‘SWSi Innovate: The systematic approach to innovation at TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute’: launched to industry by Pam Christie, MD TAFE NSW, 13 June 2013
  • Author of publication, ‘Reinventing Service Delivery’, launched in Sydney by Ms Margy Osmond, Chair of the TAFE Commission Board, 25 Feb 2013
  • Consultant to Open Universities Australia
  • Preparation of a case study of a student group in the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program at Western College, Dubbo NSW
  • Presenter at TAFE Directors Australia launch of ‘Reinventing Service Delivery’, Sydney, 25 February 2013
  • Keynote speaker, Australian Council for Educational Research national conference on Australian Core Skills Framework, Sydney 10 May 2013
  • Keynote speaker, Group Training Australia National Conference, Brisbane 18 April 2013
  • Keynote speaker at the VET Development Centre Thought Leaders event in Melbourne, 6 May 2013
  • Presenter at launch of SWSi innovate, Casula, Sydney, 13 June 2013


  • Evaluator of skill development for ‘Practice First’, a new approach to child protection for NSW caseworkers, NSW Dept Family and Community Services, Community Services, March-May 2013.

The aim of this project was to conduct an evaluation of, and produce a written report on, the effectiveness of the skill development program provided for the 17 trial sites as part of expanding the pilot of the Practice First model, and to suggest improvements, in the context of:

  • the aims and objectives of the Practice First model
  • the significance and high importance of the Practice First model to the Department and that it be implemented effectively
  • the change management context for the introduction of the Practice First model, in that the skills development related to a new approach and culture shift to child protection service delivery
  • the nature of the skill development program designed and provided for ‘proof of concept’ phase two of the Practice First initiative, for instance the training provided, the delivery modes and training methodologies, pre and post training activities, the timeframe, participants’ immediate feedback, and the promotion of formal and informal learning.
  • Mentoring and board membership

  • Mentor of a new researcher in the NCVER young researcher program
  • Member of the Academic Board of Think:Colleges, 2009-2013 continuing
  • Member of the Open Universities Australia, VET Program Quality Committee
  • JMA Analytics

  • Launch of GROWCAT™ in NSW and QLD TAFE
  • Repeat use of VETCAT® with TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney
  • Development of a new CAT to be launched in July 2013
  • Sample 2012 projects

    Research, planning and consulting

  • Researcher for ‘SWSi Innovate Project’, TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute
  • Researcher of five case studies of best practice by TAFE Institutes in five states, from the viewpoint of industry clients: a project for TAFE Directors Australia
  • Researcher and author of report A Sustainable Model of Innovation: West Coast Institute of Training
  • Researcher and lead consultant for project on ‘Employers Toolbox for Workforce Planning and Development’, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). Products: Employers Resource Bank for Workforce Development. Employers Knowledge Map for Workforce Development. Employers Report Generator for Workforce Development; Employers Partnership Manual for Workforce Development
  • Facilitator of leadership workshop for Executive of TAFE NSW- Riverina Institute: ‘Health check for the Executive Leadership Team’
  • Presenter on ‘Meeting the Rigours of the Competitive Training Market’ at Tertiary Congress, 31 May 2012, Darling Harbour
  • Presenter on ‘Balancing the tension between innovation and compliance in VET’ at TAFE Development Centre forum on International VET Perspectives, September
  • Managing Director of JMA Analytics, including the implementation of MANAGECAT® and product development of GROWCAT™.
  • Evaluation

  • Evaluator: AnEvaluation of IPROWD (Indigenous Police Recruitment Our Way Delivery), for TAFE NSW
  • Evaluator: Why Bright Ideas Succeeds, TAFE NSW-South Western Sydney Institute
  • Evaluator of the TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute program to fund staff to undertake the Masters in Educational Leadership at the University of Wollongong
  • Evaluator of the effectiveness of the Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) Learning and Development (L&D) activitiesc onducted by Learning and Development, Community Services, Dept of Family and Community Services
  • Evaluator of the effectiveness of the training for the KiDS program and suggestions for improvement,Community Services, Department of Family and Community Services
  • Evaluator of the return on the training investment (ROTI) in the Caseworker Development Program, NSW Department of Community Services, 2011-12
  • Evaluator of the impact of the three tiers of management and leadership programs NSW Department of Family and Community Services, 2011-12
  • Mentoring and board membership

  • Mentor of a new researcher in the NCVER young researcher program
  • Member of the Academic Board of Think:Colleges, 2009-continuing
  • Member of the Academic Programs Committee of Open Universities Australia, 2011-continuing
  • A quick story: one of many memorable moments in 2012