Feasibility studies

A feasibility study is crucial to starting a new business or initiative. It can also be the difference between success and failure when identifying a new opportunity for an existing business.

Our feasibility studies define the new project, product or service and then assess its viability. We analyse the proposed initiative in terms of expected performance objectives and provide a guide to implementation. If the feasibility study is accepted, we then normally move to the business planning stage.

Som examples of our work are:

  • we assessed the feasibility of a systematic approach to capability building, nationally in VET, for the National Quality Council, in 2010
  • we facilitated a workshop for the Inner West Cluster of Community Colleges in NSW, on the feasibility of it developing a joint venture vehicle or other form of strategic alliance, in 2009
  • we analysed the possibility of establishing a learning centre in Wellington NSW, for the NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training (BVET) in 2008
  • we undertook an analysis of the sustainability of the Gwydir Learning Region, for BVET in 2006
  • we assessed the feasibility of establishing a national consortium for marketing e-learning products internationally, market-driven e-VET in 2001.