Strategic and change Management

There is constant change in global networks, information technology, business structures, business practices and workforce arrangements. Therefore it is increasingly challenging for organisations to attain high-performance and to retain a leading edge. Strategic and change management skills are critical to every organisation that aspires to high performance.

At JMA we work with our clients to enhance your strategic and change management strategies. Our processes are based on a clear understanding of organisational change and development.

Sample projects and activities

The following sample projects required the application of strategic and change management principles and/or techniques:

    • Consultant for ‘SWSi Innovate Project’, TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute, 2012
    • Consultant providing strategic and methodological advice for South Western Sydney InstituteBright Ideas Initiative, 2009, 2010, 2011
    • Facilitator of strategic scanning workshop on the national VET landscape and trends for the Board of Challenger Institute of Technology, 2010-201
    • National facilitator of Reframing the Future progam on strategic and change management, 2001-2008
    • Consultant to the following TAFE Institutes on strategic and change management and innovation: Challenger TAFE WA; West Coast College of TAFE, WA; Swinburne University TAFE Division; RMIT; Box Hill TAFE; Western Sydney TAFE, 2006-2007

<li>Consultant to the following ACE colleges on strategic and change management: St George and Sutherland Community College; Western College Dubbo 2006-2007.