Innovation implementation

Many of our projects involving innovation implementation are described in the sections on this website under innovation models,professional practice and organisational learning and capability development.

Some concrete examples are:

Some further examples follow.

Example No.1. Victoria University Diamond Model

Over the length of 2009 we assisted Victoria University to implement in three faculties the Diamond Model for Innovation in Teaching and Learning – a model developed collaboratively with the staff of the University from 2007-2008 by Emeritus Professor Don Aitkin and Dr John Mitchell.

Project No.2. NSW Department of Education and Training Innovation Training Service Models

From Feb-July 2009 JMA headed up a consortium that undertook research for the NSW Department of Education and Training on innovation training service models for three industries: logistics, financial services and creative industries.

We identified nine sub-sectors and activities that are driving change in these three industries. The sub-sectors then were explored in terms of the skills required for innovation and alternative training service models that might help build those skills.